Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stephanie, Ryan, Heidi

Activator/Closing Activity: 20 pts

Keynote Presentation: 20 pts

Lesson Handout: 20 pts

Overall Organization/Presentation: 40 pts


  1. 98. Awesome lesson, except the long handout, that kind of made me sad.

  2. This group was done very well and the activator and closing activity was good p,verbally this group gets a 95 out of 100... Candy helped my decision :P

  3. Actifvaor- 20

    Keynote - 156

    Lesson Handout-20

    Overall- 40

  4. Activator : 15
    Keynote: 17
    Lesson handout: 18
    Closing: 40

    I learned a lot from this group, plus the candy was good.

  5. Activator/closing activity: 19
    Keynote presentation: 18
    Lesson handout: 20
    Overall organization/presentation: 35

    I couldn't really tell of that last thing was the closing activity or the handout.

  6. I thought they did very good

  7. Activtor/closing: 12
    Keynote presentation: 10
    Lesson handout: 14
    Overall: 35
    Heidi read straight from the PowerPoint. Stephanie did nothing. I felt the handout was useless and did not seem to tie in. Nothing flowed and Ryan did the most out of everyone, I felt.

  8. It was pretty good, didnt feel like Stephanie did a whole lot, but she put in an effort. I didn't like the long....boring handout, but I know what they were trying to do.
    Lesson handout: 10

  9. I give them an 90. The video was ok. THe presentattions was a little too brief and the houndout was the opposite but was filled with interesting information. The ending activity was the best soo far.

  10. 1- 10
    2- 10
    3- 5
    4- 20
    Noting iteresting about words on a page a a video. Candy was good thank you but I didnt affect. My grading

  11. Activator - 15
    presentation - 15
    lesson Handout - 20
    Organization - 30
    I think that they did good except for the fact that Heidi was mostly reading off the slides, Ryan off of the sheet and Stephanie didn't say anything about the video. I also thought the handout was pointless.