Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Justin, Courtney, Savanna, Emily


  1. 46: good presentation the first one really didn't explain about his life in the camps.
    50: very good and interesting

  2. 48 very good info and good knowledge of each person
    50 creativew, good info

  3. 48
    Organized clearly
    Lots of information, video was interesting

  4. Criteria 1, 44 savanna could've told more about her person like last known place
    Criteria 2, 40 not that creative in the power point.

  5. They organized there information very well. 45 points
    Creativity could have been better. 40 points

  6. Criteria 1: 50 they had all their information

    Criteria 2: 47 they were creative but then again they wasn't.

  7. C1: 46 they had great information. Although they read from the PowerPoint most of the time.

    C2: 45 they had plenty of pictures . That's good. But they could of put forth more effort.

  8. 1. 40. Thought that it was very Thought out. What was said could have been more interpreted on how their lives were changed, did not look like anyone in the group had a clear understand of what was needed to be said.
    2. 40 creativity was no all that impressive did like how y'all added in a was very good.

  9. Courtney didn't seem all that into her person. She mostly read off the screen...
    The others were very intelligent.
    45-Could have a little more information.
    40- Powerpoint and video idea is kind of overused. Eighty-five.

  10. Very good, very good indeed, skcus annavas, good and descriptive.

  11. 40% the project was entertaining but the speeches were hard to understand.
    40% PowerPoint is not creativity

  12. Criteria 1 48

    This was a great presentation, and very affective towards my knowledge about the holocaust.

    Criteria 2 45

    The people in the group were very effective.