Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Group Three Project

Stephanie, Heidi, Ryan


  1. Critria 1- 45
    Criteria 2-50

    Although the did a good job Stephanie did nothingn???
    Heidi and Ryan did a good job

  2. 1- 50 I liked your poems and the way you set them up
    2-40 everyone in your group didn't present so it's hard to tell who did what.

  3. Criteria 1: 45
    Well written, and put together.

    Criteria 2: 40
    I really like Heidi's poems. But some information is missing.

    Final grade: 85

  4. Criteria 1: 48 this was well presented... But, wasn't Stephanie in this group too?
    Criteria 2: 48 The poems were well thought out and well written, me gusta
    Overall grade: 96
    Good job with the exception of not having Stephanie's stuff for the project

  5. Crit 1: 35
    Only Heidi and Ryan did anything.

    Crit 2: 45
    It was creative. The poems were pretty good.

  6. Criteria1= 40
    Criteria2= 40
    Total= 80

  7. Criteria 1- 45 organized and went smooth
    Criteria 2- 45 I couldn't make Poems like that so good for you guys

  8. Criteria 1: 47
    Criteria 2- 45
    I gave those scores for Ryan and Heidi because they seemed to work hard. Stephanie could have done a lot more it seems, I didn't see any evidence of her doing anything, but maybe she did. Should have been more shown thorough their work.

  9. Criteria 1: 35 because Stephanie didn't go. But Ryan and Heidi researched well
    Criteria 2: 40 because Heidi and Ryan presented well but Stephanie didn't present.

  10. Criteria 1-45

    Criteria 2- 45

    Good job overall

  11. Criteria 1 45 well done, poetry can be hard to write,

    Criteria 2 45 it's difficult to create poetry and such so this group actually did really well.

  12. 1) 30 the first few poems described nothing abot the person, just how they saw it film their view.
    2) 30 no pictures or any visuals like the front if the rubric says. No creativity at all
    I thought there was supposed to be three people in the group and only two presented.