Friday, January 6, 2012

Grading Rubric for "Jewish Resistance Lesson"

Here is how your group will be graded on your lesson.

Activator/Closing Activity (20 pts):
1. Your Activator will be graded on how well it focuses the class' attention on your section. Does it prepare them for what you are about to teach? Or is it off topic?

2. Your Closing Activity will be graded on how it finalizes your lesson in the class' mind. Does it make them remember what you taught? Leave a lasting impression?

Keynote Presentation (20 pts):
1. Your Keynote Presentation will be graded on how well it emphasizes/supports your information. Does it utilize pictures/main info efficiently? Or are there too many words/non-important information in it?

Lesson Handout (20 pts):
1. Your Lesson Handout will be graded on how well it summarizes the main points of your lesson. Does it contain important information? Is it visually appealing? Or is it a sheet of paper with long, unedited paragraphs?

Overall Organization/Presentation (40 pts):
1. The bulk of your grade will be on your overall Organization and Presentation. Are you well prepared in your lesson or are you fumbling over your words the entire time? Are you being serious about your lesson or goofing off? Be professional!

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