Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jessica, Ruby, Rachel

Activator/Closing Activity: 20 pts

Keynote Presentation: 20 pts

Lesson Handout: 20 pts

Overall Organization/Presentation: 40 pts


  1. Good but a little un-organized at times.....

  2. I enjoyed the question that was placed as an activator . But, I did notice that the information and the PowerPoint were the same.

  3. Activator: 12 points
    Keynote presentation: 20 points
    Lesson Handout: 15 points
    Overall organization: 30 points

    the handout was just a written portion of the powerpoint, Rachel and Jessica just read, Ruby was the only one that was Interactive as you might say.

  4. Activity-15
    Keynote- 20
    Lesson Handout-17

    They could have been more specifc on the lesson handout

  5. For and activator I give them a 10 it didnt seem well thought out
    keynote- 15 did not explain much practically just read from the slide
    handout. 20 simple but good
    overall- 20
    total 65

  6. Activator: 15
    Keynote: 15
    Handout: 15
    Overall: 35

    Could have been more organized. Overall it was good

  7. I thought it was done pretty well. All participated in an even amount

  8. Activator:12
    Keynote: 15
    Lesson: 9
    Overall: 25
    The activator was confusing and did not even tie into it. There no real closing. The handout was the PowerPoint. You could have done a better activity for the activator.

  9. Activator - 10
    Presentation - 15
    Lesson Handout - 15
    Overall - 30
    The activator and closer were basically the same. The presentation seemed rushed and the handout was just repeating the PowerPoint.