Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Group One Project

David, Kyle, Ben, Natalie


  1. Criteria 1 45 needed basic information
    Criteria 2 45 sound distortion

  2. Criteria 1-47

    Criteria 2-49

    Good Job with working together on. Different parts

  3. 1- 45 the information was good and I liked the way they presented it
    2- 40 the video went along with what you were saying but it was choppy.. I guss that was your computers fault?

  4. Criteria 1: 40
    Was good, but not all that well put together.

    Criteria 2: 45
    Creative but could have showed more work effort.

    Final grade: 85

  5. Criteria 1 45. Overall well done and information given.

    Criteria 2 45. Video lagged slightly and could have been fixed.

  6. Criteria 1: 48 because it is clear that they did their research.
    Criteria 2: 50 because it was presented very well

  7. Criteria 1: 42 bens part with the making macs was false and unnecessary, some information that should've been there was left out.
    Criteria 2: 45 the only issue here is the frame rate

    Overall 87

    1. They mad his guy make maps in the concentration camp... Very important

  8. Criteria 1: 46 Besides the fact that the videos were off in timing at times with the sounds and hat not, this compilation of videos took real effort on their party due to the fact that they had no free time together.
    Criteria 2: 48 This group took real thought into their project and it seems as if they all did a fair share of the work. Besides the video lag they did a very good job!
    Overall grade: 93

  9. Criteria 1: 40
    Criteria 2:40 Good but could have put in more effort.

  10. Criteria1:45good job
    Criteria2:49liked it a lot
    Total 94:)