Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Group Four Project

Quatey, Zach, Nikki, Hunter


  1. Criteria 1 40
    Criteria 2. 40

  2. Criteria 1: 45
    It was well put together but some research seemed to be missing.

    Criteria 2: 50
    It was very well put together. And required a lot of effort.

    Final grade: 95

  3. Criteria 1: 45
    They had some good information except for Quatey who only had 3-4 lines in the whole video.

    Criteria 2: 50
    It was creative and had a lot of transitions.

  4. Criteria 1. 47 Because I know that one of the clips of Quatey was used twice
    Criteria 2. 45 Becasue the videos in the beginning jumped around between everyone's stories much more than it should have.
    Overall grade: 92

  5. 1) 35 Quatey said the persons birthday and that was about it. Facts were minimal
    2) 40 the songs did not fit
    Overall I felt there should have been more detail.

  6. Criteria1= 40
    Criteria2= 45
    Total= 85

  7. Criteria 1: 43 -Quatey didn't have much information, some information was unneeded
    Criteria 2: 43 - very general way of presenting, nothing special, bloopers were better than the project itself

  8. Criteria 1 90 needed more information on holocaust survivors.
    Criteria 2 95 seemed a bit rushed noise distorted.

  9. Criteria 1: 45. Interesting project and presentation seemed well put together and showed knowledge of the chosen people.

    Criteria 2: 45. Could have been a little more speaking, was good video, creative and well thought out

  10. 37 and 40 could have been better didnt really like the way it was done. You could have went to a quite place or what ever. But it was pretty good for something y'all haven't ever done.

  11. Criteria1=50
    Criteria2= 50
    Total= 100

  12. Criteria 1: 40
    Criteria 2:40
    Was good, but a little more effort could have been put in

  13. Wait that last comment was not for this group o.O