Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Natalie, Zach, Hunter

Activator/Closing Activity: 20 pts

Keynote Presentation: 20 pts

Lesson Handout: 20 pts

Overall Organization/Presentation: 40 pts


  1. I would give them a 85. Everything went smooth and connected with the book.

  2. I believe that this group was very well put together. I looked how they incorporated feelings into their presentation. However zack didn't do as much things as he should have. I gave this group a 93 out of 100

  3. 95. Was a good lesson, fit well with the book but seemed paused and a little confused, like they didn't know where they were going with the lesson.

  4. I did not like the activator but....mi really did like who they involved the audience and made it intresting

  5. Activator/Closing - 10
    Presentation - 15
    Lesson Handout - 15
    Overall Organization - 40
    I think that the activator and closing activity could have been a little bit more organized.

  6. Activator: 19
    Keynote presentation: 17
    Lesson handout: 15
    Overall organization: 20

    I think they did a great job. They seperated the work equally and I liked the example from the book.

  7. For the comment abovem90

  8. Activator/closing activity: 15
    Keynote presentation: 10
    Lesson handout: 15
    Overall organization/presentation: 30

    I think the handout could have been a little better.

  9. Activator-18

    Keynote Presentation-20

    Lesson Handout- 15


    I think that where project overall was good. They claimed in details what they were covering. They did a good job.

  10. Activator: 15 points
    Keynote Presentation: 18 points
    Lesson Handout: 15 points
    Overall Organization / Presentation: 30 points

    The handout was rather short and it was minimal effort, Zach seemed way too shy, Hunter often skipped slides and stuttered when he was talking, Natalie did not do much, and when she talked it seemed forceful.

  11. Activator/cosing activity-15
    Could have been more detailed rather then showing pictures and saying some stayed faithful and some didn't hand out no pictures didn't want to read just words on a page on a topic like this pictures as well as information can hit home and really make people think this prsitation started good at hitting home and grabbing attention but declined as it continued

  12. I thought it was very good.