Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nikki, Quatey

Activator/Closing Activity: 20 pts

Keynote Presentation: 20 pts

Lesson Handout: 20 pts

Overall Organization/Presentation: 40 pts


  1. I thin k that the video was somewhat pointless :/ but there was a wonderfull balance of group participation :D

  2. I thought it was very good. They both participated well

  3. Activator: 14
    Keynote: 15
    Lesson: 10
    Overall: 30
    Good information, Nikki just read off of slides. Quatey really did not do much. The handout was the slides just defining the groups.

  4. I give them a 90 because fthe presentation was good and so was the discussion but the video was a little pointless

  5. 94. This presentation was very well done, it was intriguing and they asked personal opinions

  6. Activator - 20
    Presentation - 15
    Handout - 20
    Organization - 40
    I think that the activator went along well with the lesson. The closing activity also made you think about a lot of stuff.

  7. Liked the involvement with audience kinda boring though

  8. 1- 10
    2- 15
    3- 5
    4- 30
    Activator was just a video not linked to lesson

  9. Activator/closing activity: 15
    Keynote presentation: 20
    Lesson handout: 18
    Overall organization/presentation: 32

    The overall presentation was good. The handout was an overview of what was important. But I didn't like the video choice to much.

  10. Activator: 15 points
    Keynote Presentation: 15 points
    Lesson Handout: 15 points
    Overall Organization / Presentation: 30

    Nikki did most of the work, all Quatey seemed to do was speak during the video, when we could obviously tell on our own what was occurring. The overall presentation was organized, super brief, I do not believe that it took up the 7 to 10 minutes, the activator was completely pointless.....

  11. Haaaaaaaaaaa tapanahhhhh newawawa....ewyooooo. I liked the music of the activator ^o^ it went well with the lesson and it was very organized.
    Activater: 20
    Overall: 35