Monday, February 6, 2012

Researching the Greeks

This week we will be covering the Greeks and their life, culture, society, and famous persons. This will be a research project and our first test grade for the month of February (in preparation for our new novel Things Fall Apart). There will be four groups, each with a topic from the list below:

1) Homer and Greek Mythology: biography, contributions, the Greek gods, influence on Greek society

2) Ancient Greek Life: their history, culture, society, economy

3) Aristotle and Plato: their two contrasting views on literature/poetry, literary criticism

4) Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides: the three major Greek playwrights, their biography, works,
                                                               contributions to Greek tragedy

Here are the basic requirements for this test:

A) A minimum of five AUTHENTIC sources cited. The amount of research done will have a 
     large part in the grading.

B) A type of supplementary VISUAL to present to the class with your findings. This can be 
     media,  construction work, acting, etc.

C) A post on our blog that summarizes the major points of your research. It will serve as an 
    "online handout"

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