Friday, February 10, 2012

Ancient Greece Life

Ancient Greece
By: Justin, Tyler, Chrystal, Arthur

In Ancient Greece the people take their culture, society, economy, and history very seriously. One of the most important things in Ancient Greece's culture is religion. People of Ancient Greece are very proud of their culture. Holidays and festivals are taken very seriously. In Ancient Greece society Men have to be involved in theater if they were not involved in the military or politics. The plays acted out by the male Grecians had to involve gods or politics but came in many genres. In Ancient Greece economy many people depended on agriculture. The Greeks also were highly involved in trading in which they gave profit to the farmers. In Ancient Greece History many important things have happened. One of the most important things that happened in Ancient Greece's history is the Trojan War. The Trojan War started because the Greeks decided to use a strategy of war to seduce the opponent. The strategy with the wooden horse was a very smart plan. The Greeks hid in a hollow wooden horse where they jumped out in a surprise attack against the opponent, killing them all.


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