Friday, February 10, 2012

Aristotle vs. Plato

Aristotle vs. Plato
By: Ben Jones, Gabriella Elliott, Savanna Pettet, and Shyam Patel

*This blog post includes the questions we researched and answered about Aristotle and Plato. The questions and answers also go along with the interview video.


What were Aristotle's personal beliefs?
- He believed that all people desired happiness but happiness was only achieved when a person used his/her intellectual abilities to their full power.

What was Aristotle's view on literature?
-He believed that literature is determined by our qualites/character and that these basic combinations of traits show in the actions at critical moments.

What was Aristotle's philosophy?
-He believed that understanding the material in reality can be achieved by properly identifying the essential traits of the materials and distinguishing these traits.


What were Plato's personal beliefs?
-Plato, like Aristotle, believed that all people desired happiness in some way; however, he believed happiness was the result of a healthy soul.

What was Plato's view on literature?
-He believes that it is difficult to put theorys and ideas in words, but readers will understand them after long thought, discussion, and questioning.

What was Plato's philosophy?
-He believed the nature and destiny of a man has an individual soul chained to a material body and that the metaphysics ultimate reality is spiritual in nature.

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