Monday, February 20, 2012

Folktales Around the Globe

Folktales are simply defined as a tale or legend originating among a people or folk. It forms a large part of the tradition of a culture. A folktale can be a mixture of legends, oral history, proverbs, fairy tales, superstitions, etc. They can provide a picture into a culture's morals and values. Cultures all across the world have their share of folktales.

North American (US) Folktale: The Baker's Dozen

European (England) Folktale: The Old Woman and Her Pig

African (Nigerian) Folktale: Baboon and the Tortoise

Asian (Chinese) Folktale: The Four Dragons

South American (Mayan) Folktale: The Rabbit and the Coyote

Australian Folktale: The Bunbundoolooeys

These folktales represent a common bond found among all of humanity - every culture, ethnicity, and peoples. Read each story aloud in your group. On the handout, note which culture the folktale came from, summarize the plot, and analyze the purpose/moral of the story. At the very end, note the similarities and differences among these folktales from across the globe. What do you think they say about the culture?

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