Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Africa: Exploring the "Dark Continent"

To the rest of the world in the 19th century, Africa was known as the romantic and mysterious name of the Dark Continent. Even today, the image of Africa from space gives the impression of a land with no lights. Though this title may have reflected the hidden, unexplored regions of the continent in centuries past, ignorance of the peoples and tribes in Africa largely led to crude stereotypes of its indigenous people - an issue that Achebe sought to remedy.

Today and tomorrow, your task is to research the customs, culture, superstitions, governments, food, and economy of a tribe/village located in Africa. This is an individual, test grade assignment that is due Friday. Here are your requirements:

1. Minimum of three authentic sources. 

2. Two page written report. Parenthetical citation of at least three different sources in report. 
   (Use a mixture of summary/direct quotes)

3. A Keynote presentation or poster of your information.

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  1. Things fall apart is not a good story that make people in the village at Umoufia feel sick of there clan among the church....